Etiquette Coaching 貴族禮儀培訓

English etiquette has long been known well by the world. We have a team of experts who have experiences in luxury hotels and leisure. We team with some UK’s manner coaching schools, to tailor-make courses for our clients, from young children learning socials skills, to business executives, companies or any age and specific groups. We […]

Business & Investment 商務與投資

What we do… *Provide relevant information of policies and regulations to Asian clients,  of  international trade,  features of the UK and European  markets. *Assist British trades to search for business partners in Asia, and vice versa. *Assist Asian clients to promote business in UK, by contacting British firms and departments, or arranging business and good-will […]

Cultural & Educational 文化交流

We are keen to promote cultural exchanges. We have organized good-will visits, musical performances, art visits for our clients in recent years. We also design educational tours for clients to enhance their knowledge in certain areas. Furthermore, we assist overseas students to obtain updated UK information to ensure their success of study. •         Organize visits […]

Training & Consultancy 培訓與咨詢

We have good connection with many governmental departments, training centres and schools, hence we design short-term training courses and seminars to suit clients’ needs: •         Seminars in UK-China trade and European market •         General information on UK’s laws, business regulation and business rates •         Seminars and management training for small & medium sized enterprises •         […]

Other Service 其他服務

We  only choose established British companies as our partners to guarantee quality service to clients. We have pleasant working relation with legal firms, property agents, travel agents, media, translators, etc. (see Partners) 堅守誠信是司祺的服務風格,我們選擇的合作夥伴,都是正規合法的英國公司,為客戶提供在法律、房產、商務旅行、多媒體(製作唱片、錄像)、專業翻譯等方面的優質服務。(請參閲‘合作夥伴’) server address . Chinese dictionary .